Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Finally Release.....

It is not easy to decide that I could stand without this kind of love..but it is more difficult to count on something that I have not identified..whether I am the cause of all this confusion,i am not very sure..but something that I realized that I would be happy without him..because I know that he was waiting when I let him go.he seemed not have a purpose and stand to defend something that is very valuable,but I'm not too concern about it because it has passed and I dont want to be someone who cannot afford to stand on its own and oftenly expect others. its ok..i can let this fool of things going far far away from my life.

I want to be happy and the happiness comes from myself..So,why do i need to let me,myself,atika natasha, become frustrated because other people?I need to change and not become too weak as previously..I want to be a new person..
just go..
and let me go..

thanks for you ALLAH for the strenght and everything..


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